Answers to frequent tenant questions

1. Do you pay for your services?

- All services for guests on the site are absolutely free.

2. What are the guarantees that the apartment is true?

- The site displays the date of adding an apartment and registering its owner, this is the most

weighty proof that the apartment is the one that you see in the photo. We try

track diligent homeowners and block such ads.

3. How do I write a message to the apartment owner?

- To do this, you need to use the Contact Owner button, fill in the required data

and send a message. If you do not have a cabinet on our website, then it will be created for the conduct

further correspondence with the owner of the apartment.

4. How to call the owner?

- To do this, you must use the phone number, which is indicated in the announcement.

5. What are the guarantees of prepayment on the card of the apartment owner?

- Prepayment is a generally accepted rule for owner warranties and confirmation

Your intentions for renting. Pay attention to the behavior of the owner of the house, check the cost

for a day with similar options in this area, communicate with the owner through the site. From my side

we try to cut off the opportunity for dishonest owners to be placed on our website.

Answers to the frequent questions of the owners.

1. What services are there in the owner's office?

Accommodation - includes displaying your ad on the site, allows guests to contact you by

phone or write a message

Top placement - turns on after the placement is activated, raises your ad to the TOP list

and allocates it with a golden frame. Typically, these ads attract 2-3 times more attention


VIP accommodation - turns on consistently after Placement + TOP, raises your ad in

the very first block of announcements, allocates it with a golden frame and the inscription VIP, raises views

guests several times,

2. Cost of services and free of charge Accommodation.

In some cities on our site there is a zero tariff for the service Accommodation. You can

add a number of ads absolutely free. For a more detailed study of

tariffs and conditions of free Placement, you must add an announcement.

3. Service Lifting.

Lifting allows you to place your ad in the first positions for the selected block

ads. You can use this service per day for a limited number of times.

4. Filling the calendar of employment and tariffs.

We recommend filling out the employment calendar and tariffs. This will allow you to simplify work, improve

guest reviews. To enter data, simply click the calendar icon and select the period in the

which you want to make an employment or special rate.

5. Discounts for our customers.

We provide discounts for all owners by the number of ads. Discounts can be up to

40% and be provided on an ongoing basis with the provision of a certain number of active services in


6. How to replenish the balance?

Currently, there are several payment systems connected to the site, namely:

Visa / Mastercard - enrollment takes place instantly

Privat24 - enrollment occurs instantly, to use Privat 24, use Visa / Mastercard.

WebMoney - this type of payment is currently suspended.

Terminals of Ukraine - currently this type of payment is suspended.

To the bank account - payment through the cashier's bank or internet banking. Enrollment takes place during

three banking days after the replenishment. Usually the process takes 30-60 minutes. Delays in payment

related to the work of your banking institution and do not depend on us.