About as

Oneday.ua  is a company that offers daily apartment rent service  throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Our website specializes in daily rental from the owners without intermediaries, which greatly saves your time and money.

Our goal is to make preparation for your vacation or business trip simple and convenient, and offer a decent alternative to hotel accommodation.

The choice of the apartment is quite reasonable, since the apartments have great facilities.

Apartments tend to be more spacious, provide a large personal space, and the ability to receive visitors without any restrictions.

In addition, the cost of an apartment is usually below the cost of the hotel rooms.

We work only directly with the owners, in order to avoid the interference of intermediaries, which leads to higher prices.

You contact directly with the owners of the property and make your own choice without the intervention of third parties.

We actively advertise the site Oneday.ua in all cities of Ukraine and Russia, also via internet.

Website is available in several languages to give wider audience access, which allows to use the site to citizens of other countries.