Terms of Service

Terms of Service
1. Registering on Svitrent, User warrants that it has full right and
capacity to act in accordance with the applicable laws of his country,
and accepts the terms of this Agreement and shall fully comply with them.
By registering, the user consents to receiving system, information
messages and sms, regarding the services provided and the operation of the site.
2. Changes or additions to this Agreement may be amended by the Administration Site
without prior notice, in connection with which the latter undertakes to
each use site reveiw Agreement.
3., The user will after making changes to the Agreement is
confirmation from his side to take all changes made ​​by the Administration.
4. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement or its individual parts,
as well as if some or all of the conditions of the Agreement it is not clear - User
must refrain from using this site.
5. Notwithstanding the moderation site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the
information posted on the site by users (tenants, landlords)
6. In case of violation of the Terms of this Agreement, and if, on
According to the Administration, the continued use of your account or impractical
Administration or violates the rights of other Members, management has the right
User refuse registration or at any time block his account without
reimbursement of costs associated with the placement of ads.
7. Administration of this site has the right, without notice to you to make changes to its
listing or remove this ad, in the event of complaints, if
unreliability of the information contained in it, as well as the presence of any other cause
are essential, according to the administration of the site, without compensation costs
placing such ads.
8. User has the right to:
  - To place ads on the site in accordance with its topics and trends;
  - Use the information provided on the site to meet their own needs
leased premises;
  - Make changes in your own ads, and deactivate them in case of loss
9. User must:
- Advertise in accordance with the form to make contact info
only in specific fields;
- Post information only about their own real property or on
objects being managed fairly and lawfully;
- Indicate to place ads accurate and complete information;
- In the price to pay an amount per room per night;
- Shall not be in the cost price for an hour or two, and so on;
- Do not post links or other references to third-party sites, portals and other online resources;
- Do not advertise or other indications of other companies, sites, etc.
- Not to post contact information on the pictures and the description of the announcement;
- Do not advertise, contain profanity, as well as information
insulting or violate the rights of third parties;
- Does not place Leib, words, signs and any other information in the photographs;
- Do not copy the information provided on the site in order to place it on the outside
Internet resources;
- Not to collect user data, including for the purpose of creating a database;
- Take care of their own safety passwords and other data for the implementation of the entrance
in his account
10. User agrees that website administration does not bear responsibility for the
the accuracy of the information posted, as well as the possible harm that may be caused
User as a result of use of the site.
11. The user provides consent to the processing of his personal data for any
goals and objectives, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties arising under
use of the site.