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2 комнатная apartment for daily rent Rivne Киевская ул. 42

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from 500 hrn
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Comfortable spacious one bedroom apartment for You. Modern repair and availability of all required equipment will make your stay as pleasant as possible. The bedroom is equipped with comfortable orthopaedic bed and a spacious wardrobe compartment. Separate two rooms, a comfortable sofa, can accommodate up to four people. Functional spacious kitchen, has all the necessary amenities needed for longer stays. Modern electro appliances from leading brands. Constant hot water (boiler). Cable TV and outdoor Wi-Fi zone. The interior is filled with a kind of trinkets that are nice to inspire coziness. Convenient to transportation (connections to all points of the city). At the house a few grocery stores and cafes. Nearby is the Regional clinical hospital, Rivne branch CVUS "European University", international economic-humanitarian University named after academician Stepan Demianchuk, construction market "Mayak" restaurant bar "Iolanta" rent "a romantic evening", a Birthday celebration, party or other event - agreed on separately. We provide a complete package of accounting documents. (Cash and non-cash).The group resettlement of people (in any area). Possible advance payment. Is an age restriction of 21+. At settlement must have a passport (original) and possibly the insurance amount. For regular customers and for longer stays discounts are available. Welcome to our apartment and you still have only pleasant memories of our city.Price are based on 2 people, additional guest is 20 UAH. When rent is payable, the payment of the cost of the first night

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Daily accommodation - Киевская ул. 42 Rivne