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2 комнатная apartment for daily rent Poltava Симона Петлюры ул. 24

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from 550 hrn
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We strive for your comfort: we clean. Cleaning is done with modern disinfectants. The apartment does not smoke and the apartment is not smoky, no odors. All components are in serviceable apartment. Bedding and towels are new and always clean. Erased Persil(gel). Private high speed wi-fi(router in the apartment). New orthopedic mattress. In the kitchen there's always salt, pepper, tea, sugar and napkins. New crockery(Luminarc). Round the clock hot water. We work officially and pay taxes. For business travelers provide reporting documents(3 group for legal. and physical persons). Cashless settlement. Elegant apartment in the Central part of the city. In the apartment modern repair is made in the Greek style in 2 levels where the first level kitchen, second bedroom and has everything you need for a comfortable stay. As well as the apartment has a convenient location. Nearby there is Parking, grocery store, market, shopping center "Kiev". Hourly apartment in Poltava. Reporting documentation for accommodation for travelers (group 3). System of discounts. PRICES: 1-2 days - 650 UAH 3-5 days - 600 UAH 6-7 days - 580 UAH 10 days - 550 UAH

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Daily accommodation - Симона Петлюры ул. 24 Poltava