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The Kiev district of Odessa is called the most attractive for life, as here the infrastructure is well developed, a large number of new residential complexes are concentrated, and also there is a direct outlet to the sea. Here often rent an apartment Odessa citizens, and tourists like to stay for a period of rest.

What is attractive for rent in the Kiev region?

 • Developed transport links.

• Lack of industrial facilities and as a result - clean air.

• High concentration of park areas, squares.

• New housing stock. If you are in search of a brand-new apartment in Odessa, Kiev district is what you need.

• Developed trade infrastructure. There are several large shopping centers - Panorama, City Center, Tairovsky, as well as a large number of supermarkets.

• A variety of leisure activities. As the area adjoins to the sea, here there is a plenty of cafe, restaurants and other entertaining institutions.

• Beaches. Recreation Center Public Beach club and Costa Esmeralda, beaches Resort, Gold Coast, Seagull are waiting for their guests. It is not surprising that the ads for renting apartments in Odessa near the Kiev district do not last long, as people who want to rent apartments in this part of the city are an incredible number.

Advantages of an apartment in Odessa in the Kiev area:

• Cheap. Remove a beautiful, staffed with appliances and all the necessary apartment can be 30-60% cheaper than a hotel room.

• Diverse. Apartments for rent in Odessa in the Kiev region are significantly different from the standardized hotel rooms. You choose - will it be an apartment with a design repair or a modest economy-class accommodation.

• Anonymously. After settling in, the accommodation is fully available to the guests. No outside views or attention of the administration. Full freedom of action and absolute confidentiality. You can not even spend the night in an apartment, nobody will know about it.

• Conveniently.

Want to rent an apartment in Odessa in the Kiev area with a view of the sea?

Then choose accommodation on the waterfront. Or you can rent a room closer to the park, a large store or business center, to feel maximum comfort and not to waste extra time. How to rent an apartment in Odessa in the Kiev region is inexpensive. There are two important conditions here: advance booking and renting from hand to hand. Book your accommodation as soon as possible in order to get the maximum selection of current offers.

We recommend to use for these purposes a portal for daily rent of apartments Here are the best rental offers from owners. You do not overpay the agency, as we are looking for apartments for rent in Odessa in the Kiev area and we rent them directly without intermediary services. Save yourself intelligently without compromising your comfort.