5 комнатный apartment for daily rent Odesa Крутоярская ул. 22/14

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from 2500 hrn
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Rent your own house near the sea for rent or long-term. District Golden hill St., Krutoyarskaya, next Совиньон1. The sea is a few minutes by car or 10 min walk., The house is situated on 10 acres of land. 5 bedrooms, sleeps 12, living room, 2 floors, from the kitchen there is access to the terrace, all rooms with balcony, Wi-fi, TV, air conditioning. There is all necessary for comfortable life. The yard is large and landscaped, there is a place for relaxation, a large green area, tables, BBQ, loungers. Parking for cars. If you want, you can rent a house for several families. The house has a large, green area. Especially children are happy: they have a place to frolic! For children there is a large play complex "Magical world" designed for all ages. Close to bus, supermarket "Tavria-V". The sea! The road to the sea beautiful and well-groomed runs through the elite cottage Sauvignon 1. Through this door you (as a bonus) are: 1. A choice of cafes and restaurants 2. Sports-leisure complex for lovers of a healthy lifestyle 3. Paintball, yachting and yacht rental service, Bicycle rental 4. Children's Playground with a swing set in a green area 5. For very active night club and karaoke next to us, also, is private brewery "Bohemian" restaurant in the courtyard. Beer-super! Cooked perfectly: ear, black sea mussels, gobies, meals on the grill! The house is located on a quiet street, where few cars are passing by. But the road is public transport not far -250 m. You in the quiet and purity, but not divorced from life. The price is negotiated in each case depending on season, number days, number of people.

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