2 комнатная apartment for daily rent Odesa Среднефонтанская ул. 19в

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from 900 hrn
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Superb apartment near the sea. Near the famous "Privoz" market, 10-15 minutes to Central Odessa beaches ( Otrada, Lanzheron, Arcadia ). A 10 minute French Boulevard, Odessa film Studio. The apartment is very spacious, bright, clean sea air!3 separate sleeping places ( bed and 2 sofa beds ).Air conditioning, microwave, oven, huge fridge, 2 TV, plasma TV, built-in kitchen. Panoramic sea view, 18th floor! Separate bedroom and huge kitchen! Large wooden kitchen table, kettle. Bathroom shower cabin with radio). For kids there is a baby bath. Bed linen, clean towels, disposable cosmetics and delicious chocolate gifts! Near huge shopping center with cafes, restaurants, children's zones and a variety of shops. New residential complex with Parking, shops, ATMs, cafes, supermarkets.

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Daily accommodation - Среднефонтанская ул. 19в Odesa