1 комнатная apartment for daily rent Odesa Базарная ул. 110

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Ideal for those traveling by car to Odessa (Parking under the window) or want to live in the quiet centre, on the road from the railway station will shift to Deribasovskaya. Summer reservation from 7 nights from 750 UAH per day, for reservation you need a Deposit for the first night. It is possible to send through my personal website or to the card Privat Bank. Without reservation, the settlement where free. Around the corner the Museum Utesov, Walk to Cathedral square 8 minutes. To Deribasovskaya 15 minutes walk. Rent from the owner of a new, renovation - July 2016 in the centre, around the corner Utesov Museum, 15 minutes walk (main street) to Deribasovskaya street on foot. Layout: kitchen-living room and a small bedroom. 4th berths. All new furniture and appliances. Bedroom with Queen bed and kitchen living room with sofa. Your own entrance from the street Bazaar. In-house grocery store for 24 hours. A wonderful suggestion for couples, couples with children wishing to spend time in is a new apartment close to the food market, the centre and to the sea 3 km to the beach Langeron. Supermarkets in the same block. The famous market -Bringing products to 10 minute walk. How to get from the apartment: To Deribasovskaya street on foot On Tiraspol street 1.5 km -15 minutes on foot. To Lanzheron beach from the corner of Tar (stop) trolleybus № 2. Or the Transfiguration, corner of Malaya Arnautskaya trolleybus №3. Walk along the Bazaar to the beach 3 km. This is the car to the Alley of Fame 5 minutes , there's also a Dolphinarium in the settlement to have a passport and a Deposit of day, included in group 2.

Daily accommodation - Базарная ул. 110 Odesa