Apartments for daily rent Mukachevo

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500 hrn for 1 night

Космонавта Беляева ул. 7

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

140 hrn for 1 night

Андрелы Оросвиговского ул. 2А

rooms: 4 Мест: 7

1500 hrn for 1 night

Сеченова ул. 21

rooms: 2 Мест: 5

400 hrn for 1 night

Юрия Гойды бул. 5

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

250 hrn for 1 night

Маргитича ул. 35

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

400 hrn for 1 night

Ивана Паркания ул. 18

rooms: 2 Мест: 6

650 hrn for 1 night

Генерала Петрова ул. 14

rooms: 3 Мест: 6

500 hrn for 1 night

Пушкина ул. 16

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

300 hrn for 1 night

Осипенко Александра ул. 39В

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

Apartments for rent in Mukacheve

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Thanks to the Internet, it is possible not only to find suitable accommodation in a few moments, to assess its condition from the photo, but also to leave it behind - having booked up to the settlement. Rent a house in Mukachevo with Oneday, whether it is a one-bedroom cozy apartment or a whole private house, you can only make a couple of clicks. We are not looking for alternatives, because we easily please any whims. We have a wide selection of housing, in different areas, at different prices and bundling. Without renting an apartment, issued before arrival, it will be difficult to find anything suitable on the spot. But even if you do not have time to choose or rent a room or house in advance, with the Internet, you can do it even at the station quickly and inexpensively.

Where to find inexpensive accommodation in Mukachevo?

Mukachevo is an ancient, mysterious, European city. The river Latoritsa passes between two banks, thereby forming the left-bank and right-bank part of Mukachevo. Despite the fact that this is not an oblast center, the city is not inferior to Uzhgorod, and, perhaps, in some ways surpasses it. For example, according to an authoritative publication, it was Mukachevo listed in the list of the healthiest cities in Ukraine.

The main architectural landmarks of the region are the patrimonial estate of the Rakoczy princes, the Palanok castle, the XIV-XVII centuries, the Town Hall and several religious buildings, including the St. Martin's Church and the St. Nicholas Monastery. Here the medieval mood inspires romanticism and there is an irresistible desire to go on excursions and listen to legends from local residents. View panoramic images of Mukachevo and start planning your visit to this picturesque city. Collect the suitcases, while exploring, where you can rent an apartment in Mukacheve for several days.