3 комнатная apartment for daily rent Kiev Александра Архипенко ул. 8

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from 950 hrn
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Location: two-bedroom apartment for daily rent on the street. Alexander Archipenko (vul. Mate Zalki 8-the old name) is located on the ninth floor in a prestige district Obolon. Close (200m from the apartment), is a non-stop supermarket "Silpo"; status supermarket "Good Wine"; institution "the Yellow Sea", "Mamamia". Convenient transportation: metro station "Obolon" eight minutes from home, Parking - 800m (located at lakeside 2B); public transport stop immediately in front of the house. Obolonskaya Promenade with the beach - 300 m. from the apartment. Comfort and convenience: this apartment with three rooms and repair of standard, have seven full beds: two double beds and a double sofa bed, cot Euro sample, which is placed at the request of the residents. The apartment has free high speed Internet access and Wi - FI. Hot water is constantly (Central water, installed a boiler. Standard set of home appliances : LCD TV in each room, air conditioning, iron, microwave oven, Hairdryer, washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove. Two bedroom apartments for rent in St. Alexander Archipenko 8, are rented with a full set of dishes, bed linen and towels required for your stay. For utilities - water, electricity, heating, Internet, no extra payments are necessary. Recommendations: Settlement in a two-bedroom apartment in Obolon district Alexander Archipenko 8, takes less than 5 minutes if you forget to bring money to pay for the entire period of residence and proof of your identity - a passport or rights.

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