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1 комнатная apartment for daily rent Kharkiv Чернышевская ул. 1

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Very comfortable stylish apartment in modern style romantic. Sleeps: 2 (big double bed).Small but very comfortable apartment, which is perfect for living, as well as during business trips because in the business center of Kharkov. The white walls of the room are perfectly combined with mirrors and Burgundy interior elements. Warm, cozy Studio, a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress is something that is necessary and enough after a busy day. The kitchen is part of the common space and is equipped with: washing machine, elektropechka, microwave, refrigerator, electric kettle, crockery. Bathroom: Comfortable shower, boiler, new plumbing.Household appliances and the necessary accessories: a kitchen appliances includes air conditioning, iron, Ironing Board, TV - a large plasma, unlimited wireless internetfor closed, guarded round the clock, Your car and You are provided with a safe stay.The unconditional advantages of this apartment are also excellent transport interchange (all modes of transport), grocery store on the ground floor, an Italian pizzeria - 50m, the Catholic Church - 80m, the output from the yard on the picturesque Square of Poetry. The rate for 1-2 days - 500 UAH, Fri and sat for a day or two - 550 UAH 3 to 20 day - 480 UAH 21 days - 470 UAH

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Daily accommodation - Чернышевская ул. 1 Kharkiv