2 комнатная apartment for daily rent Kharkiv Тринклера въезд 5

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from 800 hrn
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<p>The price of an apartment from 780 to 850 UAH per day depending on the terms of the lease. 1-3 days - 850 UAH/day. In Fri and sat non-negotiable. 7 days - 800 UAH/day. Of 14 nights or more - 780. The apartment is near the street Sumy and Gorky Park.Spacious and warm apartment on the second floor stalinki with living room-Studio and a separate bedroom with a balcony. Good repair, high ceilings, hardwood flooring - natural wood and Spanish tiles. Place to sleep: a huge leather bed 2 * 2 m in the bedroom and big sofa in the living room. There is a large plasma TV with DVD, air conditioning, WI-FI. Column-machine provides hot water. Designer kitchen with full set of dishes and expensive appliances, including dishwasher. Elegantly decorated dining area - wooden kitchen table with glass elements and leather chairs. More than spacious bathroom area of 10m2, bath and shower area with Spa shower panel. Windows and balcony overlooking the Gorky Park, very good fresh air smells like the forest. Entrance code lock. Parking free and paid. Infrastructure: Ul. Sumy, Gorky Park, metro, University, post office, military Lyceum, the case of the Legal Academy, the Dynamo stadium, regional hospital, Nature Museum, supermarket, grocery store, boutiques, Bank, cafes, restaurants, etc</p>

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Daily accommodation - Тринклера въезд 5 Kharkiv