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ЮБК 20а

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Космонавтов ул. 18

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Терлецкого ул. 7

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Космонавтов ул. 16

rooms: 2 Мест: 5

Apartments for rent in Foros

Foros is the most southern populated point of the Crimea, 35 km from Yalta, near Cape Sarych. This area is distinguished by its authentic nature, unique climate, clear sea and an extraordinary history. Make sure how amazing it is: in a small village, with a population of 2,000 people to collect so many interesting places for tourists - everyone can.

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Rent a cozy apartment at an affordable price in Foros

You will not have restrictions regarding the footage of the apartment. We offer apartments ranging from one-room apartments to four-room apartments. In addition, it is possible to rent a whole house, where the number of rooms can exceed a dozen. At the same time, the price does not bite, no matter what option you choose. To rent inexpensive accommodation for a day in Foros is real, besides our offers are much cheaper than numbers in local hotels. Book your favorite accommodation through our website in just a few minutes, see for yourself, planning a trip to Foros.

Foros landmarks and apartments for rent in Foros

So in the 30s of the XIX century a park was opened here, the plants were brought from different parts of the world. Over time, a real alive town, where the main inhabitants - pines, oaks, junipers and guests from exotic countries. In addition to vegetation, the territory is ennobled with pavilions, benches, ponds. Lovers of old manors will be interested to know about the existence of the Palace of Kuznetsov, two-story, with marble stairs in the style of Russian classicism. Here they supervise a small picture gallery: more than a dozen works, which are over 200 years old. The pre-revolutionary Christian symbol of Crimea is the Foros church, located on the very edge of the mountain peak. Inside the temple, a mosaic floor, marble panels and frescoes. Today, it is very popular among newlyweds and young parents: it regularly organizes weddings and baptisms.